Our Yoga Experience

What makes Breath Dynamics classes so powerful? Put simply: BREATHING IS KING! A basic session:

  • Inter-Disciplinary. This eclectic approach was favored by Steve's teacher Dr. Don Stapleton (of Kripalu fame). Such an open evolving style led to Steve formulating a more Breath-centered Yoga practice. Derived not from one source or school but from many; various styles of Classical Ashtanga, Kundalini, Tibetan as well as techniques from Pilates, Somatics and Transformational Breath® are melded together into a fresh experience each time you step onto the mat. No two sessions are exactly the same, no predictable routine.
  • Breath is King! Throws the greatest emphasis on the co-ordination of Breath and Movement -- the Pranayama is not a mild, discrete segment of the class, but rather is powerfully integrated throughout -- incorporated fully with the constant rhythmic movement providing every session a certain free spontaneous feel.
  • Dynamic. Most of each session embraces this fluid, dynamic and subtly powerful quality rather than a slow, rigid or static approach. This identifies the philosophy of Breath Dynamics -- the "Power of the Breath in Action" -- but owes much to the Kundalini yoga style. I designed sequences to awaken the Kundalini life force energy within in a logical progression and focus on the "core conditioning" and focus on Breath.
  • Comprehensive. The session eventually morphs into a more traditional Hatha Vinyasa (flow) which serves the important purpose of dispersing and balancing the Kundalini that has been systematically aroused, and adequately condition all peripheral areas outside the core.
  • Inward Focus. We end with Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep), each one a guided meditation and not the same one each time. After the workout, this is the time for stillness, to go inward, for connection and reflection.
  • Individualized. We help you find "Your Yoga", in that we attempt to meet you at your unique needs. There is NOT one correct way for everyone to do yoga, no superior style. There is only Your Yoga.