"I met Stephen during the most challenging time of my life. I was trying many different healing modalities with mixed results. I just couldn't find peace of mind. The first session was instantly effective. How wonderful and light I felt knowing that there was a tool I could access at anytime anyplace. The shift was nothing short of a miracle. I really feel the breath is an instant doorway to the Divine. I can now embrace any challenges that come my way and easily flow through them using TB. I am now creating the life I always wanted with loving intention. Thank you!"
-- David Statler, Pennsylvania, creator of OM Glass, founder of Dragonfy Meadows Healing Center

"It was an extremely powerful experience, of release of emotions held physically, of re-experiencing painful memories in a safe atmosphere, and then letting them go. The work that we did together in one session has not reversed, has had 'staying power'. At all times I felt that I was expertly and sensitively guided through my journey. At all times I felt safe. I recommend this Breathwork for anyone looking to release toxins, emotional baggage, or anyone wanting to experience deep relaxation."
-- Rae Ishee, Antigua, Guatemala

"After my session, I felt so light, both emotionally and physically. It was as if the weight of all my energy and emotional blocks had been lifted away. It lasts forever, but for several days afterward, I could really see and feel the results of the Breathwork."
-- Suzanne Van Nostrand, Stamford, Connecticut

"I took Steve's workshop in Costa Rica because I was curious about what it was, knowing the power of the breath and that I wasn't using mine to its fullest potential -- even while practicing yoga. It was an amazing and transformational experience and I know now how very powerful the breath can be. I urge everyone to try this and release some deep emotional traumas and free yourself of suppressed pain."
-- L. Kail, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA

"I took a Transformational Breath workshop with Stephen with the intention of cleansing my body of toxins and possibly suppressed emotion or trauma. Stephen explained what could happen and that it is a different experience for everyone. I was a little nervous because I didn't really know what would come up and I knew it could be pretty intense. With Stephen's calm support and encouragement I had the most amazing experience of detoxification and release I have ever had in my life. I would recommend this to anyone who is concerned with their health and well being and is not afraid to try some something different."
-- Kyla M, CYT, Washington State

"Steve, I wanted to thank you for the Breathing Workshop. It has been extremely effective. Since the workshop I have received two research interview job offers. Something I truly enjoy doing. I am so much calmer and clearer about my direction. I have participated in various Life-giving modalities and Transformational Breath has definitely transformed my Life in a very profound way. It is something I use daily. I feel like I'm breathing Life into all areas of my Being. My creating is conscious and much more focused. I'm feeling much less 'constricted'. I so appreciate the workshop."
-- Oji Dunia, Philadelphia, PA

"I made a very nice 'ah-ha' breakthrough in my last breathing session [with Steve] and the benefits are extending to psych-bio-energy. During the session, I noticed for the first time that tense muscles in my lower back were interfering with my breathing. This was bottling up energy and creating anxiety. I am now able to relieve the anxiety by relaxing those muscles. This experience reinforces my belief that breath work is a powerful form of body work."
-- Jerry Waxler, MS; Mental Health Survival Guide, Quakertown, PA


"This experience will forever affect the way I teach and experience yoga and the pranayams. My heart is overflowing with gratitude."
-- Susan Gilbert, Huntsville, Alabama