Breathing Links

Transformational Breath Foundation Transformational Breath® -- the "Yogic Breath of Integration", Introduces you to the most powerful healing tool -- your own Breath. Conscious Breathing to heal and integrate all areas of your life!

The Art of Breathing Online
Introduces "The Art of Breathing - Six Simple Lessons to Improve Performance, Health and Well-being". Book, video, DVD by Nancy Zi, internationally known classical singer, voice teacher, and chi kung expert.

Soul Coaching
Marcel Gerrits, Transformational Breath in The Netherlands. Pages are in Dutch.

Breathe Ann Arbor
Dedicated to sharing the healing and life-enhancing power of the Transformational Breath, we offer a range of introductory and advanced Transformational Breath experiences in the Ann Arbor and Midland areas of Michigan as well as in St. Augustine, Florida and environs.

Patty Alessi
Serving Long Island, NY with Transformational Breath, Byron Katie's, "The Work" and Reiki Instruction.

Pamela Ansell
Transformational Breath in The UK.


Other Healing Links

Marcus Padulchick, ND
Marcus offers many services in addition to Naturopathy. Centered in Plainsboro, NJ. Tools for Relaxation and Healing.

Tools for Relaxation and Healing
Michele offers Hypnotherapy, Regression and other Counseling services in Plainsboro, NJ.

Jerry Waxler, MS
Jerry Waxler, MSCounseling services; Creator of the "Mental Health Survival Guide" - Mental Health for the Twenty-First Century. Quakertown, PA.

Nosara Institute
Yoga Teacher Training under Dr. Don Stapleton and Amba Stapleton. Nosara, Costa Rica.

Marpac Sleep Mate White Noise Sound Machines
Provides ratings, reviews and information about white noise machines, like the Marpac Sleep Mate, to help you mask unwanted sound, relax and fall asleep naturally.

The Center for Relaxation and Healing
The Center is a gathering place for Wellness, Learning and Spiritual Growth.

Mesothelioma Online
Help. Answers. Resources. Providing detailed information on mesothelioma and the ways various treatments can improve the lives of patients.