The Concept

Science-based Approach


We take a Rational, Science-based Approach to Breathing.

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Do It Yourself

A Do-It-Yourself Program

A DIY Approach - we guide you on a "take-home program" to continue through your life.

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Extensive training since 1998 as an Herbalist, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, five modalities of Bodywork, and Transformational Breath®.

"I met Stephen during the most challenging time of my life. I was trying many different healing modalities with mixed results. I just couldn't find peace of mind. The first session was instantly effective. How wonderful and light I felt knowing that there was a tool I could access at anytime anyplace. The shift was nothing short of a miracle. I am now creating the life I always wanted with loving intention. Thank you!"
-- David Statler, Pennsylvania, creator of OM Glass, founder of Dragonfy Meadows Healing Center