Transformational Breath® Offerings

Breath Dynamics offers the following types of events for Transformational Breath®:

  • Introductory Workshops
    Orientation to Transformational Breath. Features 60 minute breath session and more.
    Duration is about 4 hours (but may be extended to 8 hours for multiple sessions).
    Workshops may be a Public or Privately-arranged event. ***
  • Group Sessions
    Once you have taken a Transformational Breath Intro Workshop.
    This includes a 60-minute session.
    Duration is 90 minutes.
    Group Sessions may be a Public or Privately-arranged event. ***
  • Private Sessions
    When you prefer to breathe privately for more concentrated attention, we offer full one-on-one sessions.
    Appointment is 90 minute time-slot.
    Private Sessions *** may be held at your location at your location or another more convenient setting, including a quiet residence on a lake in Conyers. Call or email for appt.
  • Introductory Talks
    What is Transformational Breath and what can it can do for you? Participants receive a sample "Mini-Session".
    Duration is 1 hour.
    Audience must be a large group: Churches, Corporations, Health Clubs etc.

General Rates

Introductory Workshops

Group Sessions

Private Sessions

Introductory Talks
Usually FREE

** General Rates are cost-based and may vary depending on travel, income considerations, event duration and other overhead involved. I do work on a sliding scale. Discounts are available for multiple sessions.

*** For Private events, one need provide a suitable location which will be undisturbed by phone, neighbors, children etc. and where the group will be able to express fully and make noise. Private residences are best. Apartments are probably not.



Breath Dynamics offers Private Sessions or privately-arranged groups.

Public Workshops and similar events are expected every month or so in Atlanta.
Please check back

Call 770.785.7051 to set up a private group or one-on-one session!

Hosting Events

To Host a Workshop at your Yoga center, Church, Club, etc. please download the
Host Agreement PDF format