Breath Workshop Experience

Nothing quite describes the Transformational Breath® Experience, but this should help. An idea of what kind of fun and education the Workshop Experience provides? Take a look ...

  • Exercise: Explore your own beliefs about why we breathe and the potential of the Breath.
  • Talk: About concepts -- about how Transformational Breath actually works.
  • Meditate: How is it actually possible to accomplish so much Healing with simply your Breathing?
  • Learn: What is a restrictive breath pattern? Fight-or-Flight? What does a full, open breath actually feel like?
  • Exercise: Let us take you through an anatomical perspective of your own breathing and body.
  • Demonstration: Participate in a "Breath Analysis". See how your unique breath pattern tells your story.
  • Practical: Learn the central breathing technique of Transformational Breath and other useful self-healing tools.
  • Expression: Movement exercise derived from Kundalini Yoga -- Self Expression.
  • Examination: Do you say, "Hey, I know how to breathe!"? Well, come and test that assumption!
  • Breathe: And Breathe ... for a full 60 minutes. The "Yogic Breath of Integration". The Fast-Track to Healing.

Curious? What about cutting stress? More energy? Healing the physical? Want more Joy and Love in your life? Healing old emotional stuff? What about Higher Consciousness? Find out how YOU ARE YOUR OWN HEALER and that your old limits need not exist. Read some Testimonials.