About Breath Dynamics

  • Breath Dynamics offers Transformational Breath® in northern New England, based in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.
  • Private sessions, Group Workshops, & 2-Day Introductory Trainings.
  • Travel for groups can be arranged along the I-93 corridor, the greater Boston area, Portsmouth NH, York County and Portland ME.
  • Breath Dynamics offering Breathwork since 2002.
  • We gladly partner with a client's physician or health care professional.
  • Part of the Transformational Breath Foundation (TBF) network we represent the "Cutting Edge" of Breathwork.
  • The Transformational Breath Professional Training programs total 550 - 925 hours of classwork, fieldwork, and Internship. Check out TBF Programs.
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Our Rates

  • Private Sessions $150. (Sessions last 60 minutes with a 90 minute time slot.)
  • NOTE: First Session are longer and involve a personalized introduction, health history, and "breathing analysis".
  • Series of 3 and 6 sessions provide sizable discounts.
  • The TBF Reclaim Your Breath Introductory Training tuition for the 2-day Training is $500.
  • Travel outside the Lakes Region area can be arranged for private events at additional cost depending on group size.

The Team

Steve and Grace

Stephen is a Certified Transformational Breath Trainer™, having completed Breathwork Training offered by the Transformational Breath Foundation (TBF) in The Netherlands, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. He's led events in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, the US South, Costa Rica, and Introductory Trainings as far away as France and Sweden. He's an Herbalist, Yoga Teacher (Nosara Yoga Institute, Jan 2003), Massage Therapist (Oct 1999), and Reiki Master.

Steve teams with wife Grace, a Certified Transformational Breath Senior Trainer™, who has 20 years experience in clinical research labs and began natural healing professionally in 2008. She's also an Herbalist.

Stephen, former TBF CEO, served on the TBF Board of Directors and headed several departments including Science and Research. Grace is Personal Assistant to TBF Founder Judith Kravitz (2019-22) and TBF Board Advisor.

Upcoming Events

Personal Seminar is a 6-day Training

September 25 - 30, 2022 / New Hampshire (Lakes Region)

Seminar is an official Transformational Breath® training event.

More info or to Register, contact Grace at .512.818.7857 -or- info@blissjourneybreathwork.com or Register Online .

Personal Seminar is a 6-day Training

November 6 - 11, 2022 / New Hampshire (Lakes Region)

Seminar is an official Transformational Breath® training event.

More info or to Register, contact Grace at .512.818.7857 -or- info@blissjourneybreathwork.com or Register Online .

About Transformational Breath®

Transformational Breath® is a very powerful form of natural healing developed by Judith Kravitz. Called the "Yogic Breath of Integration," it moves beyond classical Pranayama. Much more than a breathing technique, Transformational Breath is a complete self-healing system. We guide you through enough training toward doing self-sessions safely and comfortably.

The "Cutting Edge" of Breathwork.

The Transformational Breath Foundation professional Training programs total from 550 - 925 hours of class work, field work, and Internship. Check out TBF Programs.

Holistic Healing


We work physically (hands-on) to open up the respiratory system and increase lung capacity and oxygen volume moving into the body. This yields myriad health benefits ranging from increased energy, detoxification, reduced tension and relief of many disease conditions. [We DO NOT make disease claims]. Through intention, the client (self-healer) can direct healing energy toward your healing healing goals.

Mental & Emotional

The high vibrational energy from our breath techniques clears low-density, subconscious, negative energy patterns (trauma, repression, suppression, thought-forms etc.), and transforms them through an "Entrainment" effect to a higher and lighter vibration. This, in effect, clears the pattern PERMANENTLY!


People may report mystical experiences, a greater awareness of one's Higher Self, or simply a greater sense of Love and Joy in their Being.

Private Sessions


For those who require a personal 1-on-1 experience there are private sessions available at your space to bring you along more slowly and with more attention.



The Group Breathing Experience. These can be public or privately arranged groups. Call to set up your own!

Formal Training

Transformational Breath frees the mind

The 2-Day Transformational Breath® Training Program called RECLAIM YOUR BREATH™ provides an intensive introduction to our work.

"I took a Transformational Breath workshop with Stephen with the intention of cleansing my body of toxins and possibly suppressed emotion or trauma. Stephen explained what could happen and that it is a different experience for everyone. I was a little nervous because I didn't really know what would come up and I knew it could be pretty intense. With Stephen's calm support and encouragement I had the most amazing experience of detoxification and release I have ever had in my life. I would recommend this to anyone who is concerned with their health and well being and is not afraid to try some something different."
-- Kyla M, CYT, Washington State

"I took Steve's workshop in Costa Rica because I was curious about what it was, knowing the power of the breath and that I wasn't using mine to its fullest potential -- even while practicing yoga. It was an amazing and transformational experience and I know now how very powerful the breath can be. I urge everyone to try this and release some deep emotional traumas and free yourself of suppressed pain. "
-- L. Kail, Cardiff-by-the-Sea

"It was an extremely powerful experience, of release of emotions held physically, of re-experiencing painful memories in a safe atmosphere, and then letting them go. The work that we did together in one session has not reversed, has had staying power. At all times I felt that I was expertly and sensitively guided through my journey. At all times I felt safe. I recommend this Breathwork for anyone looking to release toxins, emotional baggage, or anyone wanting to experience deep relaxation."
-- Rae Ishee, Antigua, Guatemala