About Us

Breath Dynamics travels around the SouthEast United States to conduct Workshops in Transformational Breath®. Locally, in the Atlanta Georgia Metro Area, private sessions in TB are offered. My Integrative style of Yoga is also offered in the East Metro area. Breath Dynamics is dedicated to the furthering of Transformational Breath and conscious breathing in general. We represent the "Cutting Edge" of Breathwork, and to help you experience the Dynamic Breath™.

Breath Dynamics is owned & operated by Stephen Gooby

Stephen Gooby of Breath Dynamics As a Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator™, Steve has completed the highest level of Breath Training offered by the Transformational Breath Foundation under the direction of Dr. Judith Kravitz. This training has taken me to many locations around the world -- New England and Europe. I have done Free workshops in Holland, Costa Rica, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Five (5) levels of Transformational Breath Training total more than 200 hours classroom work -- plus many additional requirements outside of class.

Beginning as a Certified Massage Therapist in New Jersey, Steve graduated in 1999 from Health Choices Holistic Massage School and the following year taught there as a TA in the discipline of Neuromuscular Therapy. This knowledge of bodywork is essential since this method of Breathwork is hands-on.

Steve is also an herbalist, Reiki Master and is certified to offer Yoga Instruction having completed Interdisciplinary Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Nosara Yoga Institute in January 2003. Nosara Institute is a well known Yoga School, operated by Dr. Don Stapleton (instrumental in development of the Kripalu programs).



To expand Transformational Breath throughout the entire Country and the World, helping to facilitate self-healing in all those interested in Conscious Breathing. We endeavor to share the Experience that the Breath is the True Key to Healing, living a fuller, happier life and the Fast-Track to Higher Consciousness!


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  • Color, Bi-fold Brochure: "Transformational Breath"